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The year 2000 is one of those election years that PAMAS observe biennially, in conjunction with the General Membership meeting. This past one, held last June 10th, was the most widely participated election by PAMAS members with close to 300 votes cast. It was also the closest tally between two candidates vying for the presidency. Eventually, only 5 votes made the difference between the two worthy opponents who were long-time friends before the election and remain friends thereafter. I am glad that I won for my third consecutive term and fifth altogether, but I would not have been overly disappointed if Emily Viola won, for she, no doubt, would have been a good choice for president. If anything, the last election clearly showed two things. First, that the community's interest in PAMAS affairs is peaking and second, in the PAMAS organization, you can disagree in principle, differ in beliefs and remain friends to work together constructively - as Emily continues to support the PAMAS programs wholeheartedly. Definitely not a sour grape! At any rate, the results of the election probably assembled the most potentially effective check-and-balance Board PAMAS ever had in 22 years.

However, the election is only half of the story. The Board of Directors allowed a would-have-been invalid General Membership mandate, by approving the implementation of improperly processed referendums, proposing three amendments to the PAMAS Constitution and By-laws provisions. The first one ensured that this will be my last term as President, since it approved to limit the President to two consecutive terms. Although, if I continue to be a glutton for punishment, I can run again after somebody else has had the position, or I can run in the next election for another office other than that of President. I totally agree with this amendment. The second amendment mandated that any candidate for president will have to have already served as an officer of PAMAS in another capacity, which to me makes a lot of sense. Kind of required preparatory training for the presidency which would prove invaluable to anybody who would be running a non-profit organization for the first time. The third referendum, personally, gives me the heartache! This is where I wished the referendums were processed in accordance with established guidelines, which call for the By-laws Committee of the Association to review the submitted proposal first, then put it in such a format that would explain to the members, in plain English, the pros and cons of the issue, so that they may make a more knowledgeable decision. This amendment calls for the organization to secure a $50,000.00 surety bond for each signatory to a PAMAS bank account. PAMAS currently has 3 major bank accounts with 3 signatories each. At $50,000.00 surety bond for each signatory, can you imagine how much insurance premium the Association will have to pay a year for this, and what for?! With the total amount of funds PAMAS has, do you really think it is worth the expense? You have to be an insurance salesman to want this, but then, our members has spoken and in this organization, they rule! So be it. It may well be a lesson learned the hard way, but should we find it that way, our system allows us to amend it at a later date.

The following Induction of Officers held at Lantana last July 15th was altogether something else (See Headline story - Ed.). The Inducting Officer and Keynote Speaker was none other than the Honorable Ernesto M. Maceda, the Philippine Ambassador to the United States and former senior Senator from Manila, a few blocks from where I was born and raised before I crossed the great Pacific divide!. Anyway, Ambassador Maceda turned out to be quite the life of the party, entertaining everybody with wit and wisdom, then spontaneously orchestrating a fundraiser for the PAMAS Building Fund and the PAMAS Scholarship Program. In a few minutes, he was able to raise $1,000.00 in cash, matched it with another $1,000.00 of his own money! (The following morning, at breakfast, he was able to raise another $1,000.00 in pledges for the PAMAS Scholarship Program, $500.00 each from the Nepo B. Amo Insurance Agency and from Mr. Ilde Lauron of the Boston Pops fame!) I'll be thrilled once we get the money.

Another significant first for PAMAS was joining the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a 5K walk along both sides of the Charles River, starting and ending at the Hatch Shell in the Boston Esplanade, last October 15th. PAMAS participation was primarily done in support of former PAMAS President Flord Escobar's fight against cancer (See related story - Ed.). 19 PAMAS officers and members, other than Flord's relatives, joined the walk and raised over $1300.00 in donations for the fight against cancer. PAMAS donated 24 T-shirts used by the walkers.

One absolutely beautiful thing going on in the community, which I certainly plan to help cultivate, is the proliferation of mutual support among heads of various FILAM organizations in the area. I saw it when I attended the KASAMA Induction of Officers. I saw it during 2 of the 3 FAGB functions related to the Miss Philippine - New England pageant that I was able to attend. I saw it during the PNANE Cruise and again during its Induction; and you can't miss it during our own Induction and Scholarship Awards Night, and again during the Philippine Night and Miss PAMAS 2000 Coronation. Could it be that the much maligned search for unity in the Filipino community is just around the corner?! I certainly hope so.

Two college-bound FILAM youths received PAMAS Scholarship Awards this year. Miss Charlene Fadrigalan, daughter of Tom and Tessie Fadrigalan of Braintree, MA received the PAMAS/Suncor donor-designated scholarship Award of $500.00, and Miss Diana Amo, daughter of Nepo and Evie Amo of Quincy, MA received the $250.00 PAMAS/South Shore Filipino Apostolate donor-designated scholarship award.

Our PAMAS Building Fund is currently at $14, _______. Our biggest fundraiser for the Building Fund last year, the Sunset-to-Moonlight Cruise, did not do too well this year due to inclement weather, causing a lot of would-be attendees to back out the last minute. So, please let me reiterate how important it is for all of us to seriously consider donating to this very worthy cause. We need that Community Center to house existing and future programs designed to benefit the Filipino-American community. Let's show how we can be "Galante" for the right reasons!

Consul Romy Seguis and his delegation of Philippine Consulate General staff from New York were in town again November 4th. As they do at the request of PAMAS annually, they processed visas, passport renewals and answered questions in response to consular needs of Filipinos in our community. It surely saved many "Kababayans" the trip, and associated expense, to New York. Shuttle Stop Carinderia was gracious enough to provide the venue, refreshment and lunch for the Outreach Program. Afterwards, in the evening, during the PNANE Induction Ball, the Consular staff displayed another form of proficiency - that of dancing! Consul Seguis is a mean Cha-Cha dancing machine! Makes me wonder if being a good dancer is a requisite to be a good diplomat!

In the Sports and Athletic arena, an ill-fated attempt to repeat the successful PAMAS bowling leagues of past years, bit the dust last summer. It is really hard to find a conscientious coordinator who will run this thing properly. I apologize. I have had some bowling jackets made for those who went through the aggravation of showing up week after week in the bowling lanes and find nobody in charge. They should get the jacket during the Christmas Party on January 6, 2001. The basketball program continued its tradition of representing New England in the PIBNA tournaments, held in Montreal last Labor Day weekend. We fielded three teams. One each in the Midget, 5'-10" and Under and Super Master Divisions. Unfortunately, the results were the same - close but no cigars! The important thing is always the fact that we were there. We'd like to thank FOREX for donating the basketball uniforms, via Dave Aguilo and Bobby D'Asencio.

Culturally speaking, things are looking bright. Amanda Kalb brags to be able to do more now that she is no longer the Treasurer (she's now the 2nd Vice President in charge of Cultural and Social Programs). Also, looks like there is a strong possibility we might be able to use the function hall of St. John's church in Quincy for our cultural dance training and rehearsals on a regular basis. I am told we also have quite a few new dance members coming all the way from New Hampshire and Worcester even. Welcome to Amanda's world, my friends! The biggest new thing - we've been invited to open the Worcester First Night celebrations with our performance at 1 PM! Then, for the 3rd year in a row, off to the Quincy First Night for two 40-minute performances. Even our Ati-Atihan Group is making waves. They were at the La Sallette Shrine in Attleboro, MA doing their thing during the The Holy Infant Jesus (Santo Nino) Prayer Group of Massachusetts' annual celebration at the aforementioned Shrine, by request from our friend, Gloria Platon. They were also invited to perform, and did, during the International Night Gala at the St. Gregory's Parish in Dorchester, MA per invitation from Ate Isolina Dimagiba last October 21st. Future plans are to form a regular drill-dancing group to complement the drummers. That should make our PAMAS Ati-Atihan Group something to reckon with as the only genuine Ati-Atihan group in the entire New England! If you want to join this group, give me or Gary Mateo a call at (781) 961 1546 or any PAMAS officer.

PAMAS again represented the Philippines and our culture in the Boston International Festival 2000, among over 90 countries from around the world, from October 24th thru October 27th. However, it is becoming to be a losing proposition at the food booth since they cut down the exposition days by 2 days, effectively cutting down our profit potentials, yet the participation fees keep getting more expensive. We had 2 less days to get our money back and make a little profit. If arrangements do not improve for next year, we may bow out of the food booth and just stay with the cultural booth.

It seems like every time we publish an issue of the Tanglaw newsletter, we have to have a new Editor in Chief. Meet Joey Monteyro - our current Editor. He took over from Gerry Mateo who got transferred to sunny Hawaii pursuant to military orders. Joey has reporting and publishing in his blood. His dad is a regular staff writer for a California newspaper. Also, welcome Leila Amarra to the Tanglaw Staff. He will have a regular Profile column. And let's spread out the welcome mat also for Mai Lin Diasanta, our new photographer and Dale David, our new layout artist who will work with Mike Mateo.

As of this writing, the Carolers have been working hard hitting the road caroling during the weekends. The group has some new and old vocal cords blending voices for the holiday tunes, and they're doing just fine. So, if you're hankering for some old-fashioned Holiday spirits, the PAMAS Carolers are here for you.

Well, that's all folks! This was supposed to be our Holiday issue, but lest you get your copy after the Holidays, let me now greet you, "Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!"

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